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Our Founders

Lotus Flame Candle Co. is based in Michigan. The Company is owned by partners/cousins Chanceya and Jimmy Shelton. Chanceya has her MBA along with an extensive background in business operations and management. Jimmy has established an extensive background in customer relations and sales all while finishing his BSN. With their interpersonal skills, passion for service, and management, this partnership is a destined match for developing a brand and client-base that continues to thrive and prosper. We place our values in being grounded, resistant, authentic, and transparent. Chanceya and Jimmy have created a brand that promotes individuals to have aspirations to be completely aware of themselves, and to love their being despite any trials and shortcomings. We strive to encourage others to bring their inner self to the forefront, boldly loving everything about you.
The lotus flower is a spiritual meaning for enlightenment, rebirth, and self-regeneration. Lotus flowers can produce themselves even in the dirtiest of waters. No matter the environment or physical/mental situation you are in, your being is still beautiful. We have the opportunity to become more vital beings when we encounter unfavorable situations.